June 09, 2020

Wolters and Kottenstede appointed new deputy press spokespersons for Messe Berlin

Britta Wolters (43) and Kai Kottenstede (41) have been appointed as the new deputy spokespersons for the Messe Berlin Group of Companies. They succeed Wolfgang Rogall, who retired at the end of March. Both will report to Emanuel Höger, press spokesman and director of Corporate Communications.

Since early 2017 Wolters and Kottenstede have jointly headed the Press and Public Relations Department of Messe Berlin, which is responsible for the PR work of all in-house events of the company and for corporate communications.

About Messe Berlin
Based on turnover and growth, Messe Berlin is one of the world's ten leading trade fair companies. Each year it develops, markets and hosts hundreds of live events in Berlin and around the world. Its wide-ranging portfolio includes IFA, InnoTrans, ITB, FRUIT LOGISTICA and the International Green Week, all leading global trade fairs, as well as major conferences and iconic events such as the street celebrations (Fanmeile) at the Brandenburg Gate. Messe Berlin has around 90 foreign representatives who market events in over 170 countries. Each year some 30,000 members of the media from all parts of the world obtain accreditation for events on the exhibition grounds in Berlin where the company has its headquarters. Thus, Messe Berlin acts as a driving force of the metropolis that is Berlin. Its aim is to be an outstanding host for visitors to every event at Messe Berlin, to give individuals an optimum boost for their business and to ensure fair conditions for everyone. This approach is reflected in the company slogan: ‘Messe Berlin – Hosting the World’.