May 06, 2020

XPRO creates a platform for Europe’s experience community

Messe Berlin establishes a new European marketplace for experience technologies, products and services – Information is available at 

Berlin, 6 May 2020 – XPRO is Europe’s new marketplace for showcasing the technologies, products and services employed in the production of experiences in museums, event venues and brand spaces. With its year-round offer, XPRO addresses production and service-oriented companies that design immersive experiences and links them with the corporate, event and agency sector as well as the cultural and creative industry. XPRO features products and services that include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), holography, video mapping, interactive lighting and audio systems, mobile guide systems, interactive cabinets and multi-touch scanner tables. Initiator of the XPRO is Messe Berlin.

Learning from the current crisis

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic the world’s economies are being confronted by huge challenges. The event industry is particularly hard-hit, along with the cultural sector. Large events have been banned, theatres, museums and exhibitions are closed, and planning for a return to normality is not possible. The art world, cultural sector and the industry are resorting to digital formats to maintain contact with people. In the long run however, live-streamed concert performances, virtual museum tours and digital conferences are surely no substitute for shared experiences and emotions.

”With trade fairs, conferences and congresses now cancelled or postponed the skilled trades and industries currently have no opportunities to engage with each other. With XPRO, we are aiming to establish a marketplace that enables a virtual and physical exchange of views and lets people come together from across Europe“, said Patricia Pohle, project manager for XPRO at Messe Berlin. ”We want to organise this exchange with the community in order to tailor our solutions directly to their needs.”

Over the coming weeks and months, under the umbrella of XPRO, the aim will be to engage with Europe’s experience technology community in order to discuss and assemble ideas and solutions for when the crisis is over. The main questions being asked include: What formats does the industry need in order to start up again after the crisis? Is it realistic to create concepts this early in order to help the industry, with a view to the future as well? How should a European XPRO marketplace be structured? What formats and concepts promote sales and fit in with the times?


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