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July 28, 2020

New partnership: Messe Berlin and Vogel Communications Group launch two virtual content platforms with a focus on mobility

Messe Berlin GmbH and Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG, a B2B communications company, are combining their expertise to form a strategic partnership. With Intelligent Mobility Xperienceand MES Insights, the two partners have launched two online content platforms. Intelligent Mobility Xperience presents new concepts and perspectives on the future of mobility, while MES Insights mainly provides content for electronics companies supplying the mobility sector.

Intelligent Mobility Xperience presents a wide range of valuable specialist information – including on today’s mobility services, tomorrow’s individual mobility concepts, and visions of smart cities in the years to come.The focus of the portal is on people and their changing role in the world of mobility – from the role of drivers to being driven.

MES Insights brings electronics companies together which supply the rail, utility vehicle and automotive industries. The specialist topics which this portal addresses include electro-mobility, driverless vehicles, digitalisation and interconnected mobility systems.

Both platforms target international audiences and form part of a comprehensive, organically developing system that supports new forms of mobility. By complementing existing Messe Berlin trade shows with 365-day, virtual formats they span a bridge between live and virtual events.

“With their advanced specialist information and services targeting specific sectors, Intelligent Mobility Xperience and MES Insights represent a perfect addition to our portfolio on the future of mobility. Now we can offer our visitors added value by enabling them to find out in-depth about the latest developments in this sector“, said Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin: “With Vogel Communications Group we have gained a strong partner for this forward-looking collaboration.“

In touch with the changing world of mobility

The steadily changing world of mobility is being catapulted into a new age. Both platforms showcase trends, concepts, ideas and visions for the future of mobility and each organises four themed tracks.

Intelligent Mobility Xperience:

·         Mobility & Technology
Automotive industry, mobility services, consumer electronics, drones, aviation, rail industry

·         Intelligent Solutions
Interconnected systems, smart cities

·         Business Models
Revenue streams in tomorrow’s world of mobility

·         New Thinking
Visions, ideas, concepts

MES Insights:

·         Powertrain
Drive technologies, energy systems, energy supply systems, electronic engine control systems, patents, licences, technological developments, materials, resources, technology

·         Market & Players
Market studies and trends, investment, M+A, consolidation

·         Vehicle Technology
Interior systems, vehicle technology, electronic transmission control systems, passenger comfort, entertainment systems, electronically integrated cockpit systems, infrastructure

·         Connection & Security
Communication, driverless vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, communication systems, passive safety systems, electronic suspension systems, cybersecurity, networks (satellite navigation), standards, studies, legal framework

With its wide range of live events and leading event formats Messe Berlin is able to reach international audiences. The content and publishing expertise, digital know-how of Vogel Communications Group and its ability to reach B2B audiences will provide an innovative service.

“Together with Messe Berlin we look forward to combining mobility expertise and know-how into an even larger, comprehensive organically developing system“, said Matthias Bauer, CEO of Vogel Communications Group: “Our collaboration will provide unique access to and reach wide audiences with this all-important forward-looking topic.“

The content platform Intelligent Mobility Xperience can be found here:

MES Insights can be found here:

Messe Berlin GmbH

Based on turnover and growth, Messe Berlin is among the world's ten leading trade fair companies. Each year it develops, markets and hosts hundreds of live events in Berlin and around the world. Its wide-ranging portfolio includes IFA, InnoTrans, ITB, FRUIT LOGISTICA and the International Green Week, all of them leading global trade fairs, as well as major conferences and outstanding events such as the street celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate. Messe Berlin has around 90 foreign representatives who market events in over 170 countries. Each year some 30,000 members of the media from all parts of the world obtain accreditation for events on the exhibition grounds in Berlin where the company has its headquarters. Thus, Messe Berlin acts as a driving force of the metropolis that is Berlin. Its aim is to be an outstanding host for visitors to every event at Messe Berlin, to give individuals an optimum boost for their business and to ensure fair conditions for everyone. This approach is reflected in the company’s slogan: ‘Messe Berlin – Hosting the World’.

Vogel Communications Group

Vogel Communications Group is a leading B2B communications company which operates in German-speaking countries. It is based in Würzburg, and with four agencies located in Berlin the group offers comprehensive communications expertise. This covers the following fields: specialist media, corporate publishing, social media services, public relations, trade fair services, networking and communities, market intelligence and insights. The group also hosts its own congress centre. In the publishing field its portfolio includes 100+ trade publications, 100+ web portals, 100+ business events, as well as mobile services and international activities.The print and digital media in this range provide access to five areas of business in 14 sectors: general industry, the automotive sector, information technology, legal/business/taxes and B2B communications. (