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February 25, 2020

bautec 2020 – the only way is up!

Highly satisfied trade visitors and exhibitors at bautec 2020 – very good response to an outstanding supporting programme – new up#BERLIN segment enjoys a successful debut – Save the date: 22 to 25 February 2022

A fresh impetus for many aspects of the industry, a diverse and high quality range on offer and increased trade visitor satisfaction – after four days of bautec the verdict last Friday by exhibitors, trade visitors, politicians, associations, guilds and institutions was a positive one. Around 9 out of 10 trade visitors declared their satisfaction with their attendance at bautec 2020. Of those questioned, more than 80 per cent intend to return when the next bautec takes place in two years’ time. And over 80 per cent of trade visitors would also recommend attendance at bautec to others.

The range on offer at this year’s bautec was especially convincing: It was viewed as positive by around 9 out of 10 trade visitors and the same proportion reported having become acquainted with or having seen (very) many innovative products and services. One of the highlights was the COBOD 3D concrete printer: by presenting 3D printing live at bautec, Peri familiarised a wider public with this technology for the first time. Not only did this prove to be a major attraction for visitors attending the fair, but there was also a wide-ranging media reaction, not only in the traditional online and print media but also on social media channels.

With the introduction of new formats in the exhibition and the supporting programme, this year’s bautec once again addressed current issues in the building sector. For example, up#BERLIN merged the components of planning, construction, housing and the operating of buildings for the first time at a trade show. The combination of exhibition and a technical programme with some outstanding contributors at the up#BERLIN forum proved to be highly effective: Eight out of ten visitors in Hall 4.2 were satisfied with their visit. Other events making their debut, such as the Re-Use and Recycling show and its associated Technical Forum and the first Building Influencers’ Forum also met with a very good response.

Along with the technical programme there was also keen interest in the specialist supporting programme at the various Hall Forums, which included the GRÜNBAU BERLIN Forum, metall IT and the Smart City Forum, as well as the bautec Congress with its international participants. More than 840 architects, planners and engineers attended bautec on the Thursday to learn about positions and future prospects in urban construction.                                                                     

The bautec.INNOVATION AWARD ceremony took place for the second time. Votes were cast by trade visitors at bautec. The bautec.BEARs 2020 for the products and system solutions that trade visitors considered to be the most innovative were won by Georg Fischer for its Hycleen Automation System (1st place), Ulrich Brunner for its heat pump stove heating (2nd place) and Goldbeck for its non-corroding ceiling panels made from carbon concrete (3rd place). Cosuno was awarded the special prize for innovations by start-ups, a new feature at this year’s fair. Young professionals also demonstrated how innovation and creative approaches could function. The winners of the competition “Built on IT – Careers with a future in construction” received their awards at bautec in recognition of their outstanding digital ideas and solutions on the topic of the ”Innovative Construction Industry”. The creators of the three best concepts by young professionals in the competition “Students I Organising I Future” received their awards during the BAKA Universities Day.

Most trade visitors at bautec 2020 were construction and installation professionals, in particular structural engineering specialists, followed by architects, planners and engineers. Almost half of the professionals visiting the fair had a significant influence on their company’s purchasing and procurement decisions. The initial results of the exhibitor survey indicated that approximately three out of four exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of trade visitors. Overall, for every ten exhibitors around seven were satisfied or very satisfied with their company’s results at bautec 2020.

This year the bautec Careers Centre was much in demand again: over the four days of the fair 4,000 students and trainees came to find out about construction industry careers and relevant training opportunities from around 80 exhibitors. Numerous interactive events also invited them to test their skills.

From 18 to 21 February 425 exhibitors from 19 countries showcased the latest building and construction technology trends and developments on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. More than 31,000 visitors attended this year’s bautec. The next bautec will take place from 22 to 25 February 2022.


Statements about bautec 2020

Anne Katrin Bohle, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Community:
“bautec is essential. Not only is it the place where discussions and business take place, but also where innovations, joint ventures and trends are on display. I have been able to obtain details about many technical building issues, from 3D concrete printers to alternative solutions for the production of heating and hot water, as well as the modern science of tools and smart homes. There is really everything here.”

Katrin Lompscher, Senator for Urban Development and Housing Berlin:
“I attend bautec in my capacity as the senator with responsibility for building and at the start of a joint campaign to boost the image of the building trade. We want to attract more young people to join the building trade, and in this respect it is a perfect match. Here at the Career Centre bautec I have learned that the building professions are changing in some respects, and that practical work in the building trade is open to girls too, although fewer girls seem to be choosing this work. What does impress me is that the trainees here at this fair are strongly committed to their chosen career. It is evident that, logically enough, people are passionate about building.”

Michael Kern, General Manager of the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce:
”The Norwegian pavilion at bautec 2020 attracted very many visitors and was noticeable for the team spirit among the exhibitors. From the feedback that we have received we know that the organisation and positioning of the combined stand and the quality of the visitors were regarded as very positive. The collaboration with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian embassy in Berlin, the bautec team and Messe Berlin also ran very smoothly.”

Dieter Babiel, Chief Executive of the National Association of the German Building Industry:
“A brand new concept was adopted at the start of bautec. Digitalisation in construction and BIM in particular require closer collaboration between everyone involved in the building sector. I was very pleased to see that, in cooperation with Messe Berlin, we have been able to create a new area in Hall 4.2 for this purpose, with the name up#BERLIN. Topical subjects such as digitalisation, housing construction, air conditioning, sustainability, public procurement law and collaboration featured in the rounds of discussions, and at the experts’ congresses and symposiums.”

Ingeborg Esser, Chief Executive of the National Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW):

“The fair has developed very well. In particular it has benefited significantly from the new forum up#BERLIN, and the focus on digital construction. For me the dominant topics were serial and modular construction and refurbishment. It was also good to see a great many modular building specialists in Hall 4.2 and that modules were on display so that visitors could take a closer look. I was fascinated by the 3D concrete printer from Peri, which showed the direction being taken in working with concrete.”

Andreas Schuh, Chief Executive of the Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Guild in Berlin:
“For the guild, as part of a network of businesses, industry and wholesalers, bautec 2020 was very successful. Our discussions about the central issues of the energy transition and digitalisation were consistently productive, demonstrating to us that a comprehensive approach and the networking concept function very effectively. For the industry bautec is a very important way of continuing to play an active role on the Berlin market in the coming years. Personal contacts remain indispensable.”

Thomas Schwilling, Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection Berlin, Division: Recycling Management and Environmentally Compatible Procurement:
“The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection organised the technical show on ’Re-Use and Recycling’ for the first time at bautec. I am very satisfied with the way this show was held, and it exceeded our expectations. Our participation enabled us to establish important contacts with planners and building owners, and it also emphatically signalised the need to achieve a transition in the resources used by the building industry in Berlin.“

Dr. Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Head of House Printing, Peri:
“Here at bautec we had the first opportunity to present the future of automation technology for construction sites, with live demonstrations of our 3D concrete printer in front of a large audience. I can state that this was a very successful occasion. There is still a lot of scepticism about our technology, but that is precisely why we are here. We are demonstrating that 3D concrete printing is no longer at the trials stage but is ready for use on construction sites. For us the future has already begun. We encountered a lot of enthusiasm and will be able to implement the first projects this year, working together with architects. One of the core reasons why we were at bautec is the subject of surfaces. Do our clients like the porous surface of the printed item or do they prefer it smooth? We have received valuable feedback about this aspect, which will find its way into the next generation of these machines.”

Jens Peter Rohmann, Manager Building / Real Estate Project Development Lidl:
“We want to take a new look at planning and building and in so doing, to remain true to our DNA as a sustainable discounter, by acting in an uncomplicated and efficient way and as process professionals. Working together with our partners we want to encourage innovations and in this way take responsibility for the future and for society. For this reason we have decided to become the first food retailer to be represented with its own stand at bautec and at the Careers Centre bautec. We have met with a very great and extremely positive response and are delighted to have been able to hold many interesting discussions with innovative companies and individuals.”

Sabine Helterhoff, Chief Executive Officer of Bonava Deutschland GmbH:
”This was the first time we exhibited at bautec. The many different exhibitors and visitors provided a good opportunity to establish contact. We had lots of meetings on our stand, particularly on the second and third day of the fair. We also made use of the opportunity to find out about the latest developments and trends.”

Martin Tyszko, Group Leader Personnel Recruitment and Support, Wolff & Müller:
“Following bautec we have drawn positive conclusions. In accordance with our slogan for the fair “We are thinking ahead on digitalisation. Together”, on our stand we had discussions with many colleagues from the building sector on subjects such as interfaces within companies and digitalisation, as well as on issues such as marketing and human resources development. Modular construction was another in-demand topic. Many trade visitors came to find out more about serial construction. For us bautec was not only a good opportunity for establishing new contacts in the industry, but also for holding initial interviews with potential employees. I myself spoke mainly with people interested in the career prospects on offer, and was particularly pleased that so many young people showed an interest in Wolff & Müller as an employer. 

Marcus Becker, Manager Kondor Wessels Bouw Berlin:
“Innovative topics like BIM, serial construction and subcontractor management were presented at bautec 2020. These subjects are all of serious concern to the industry and will lead to substantial changes in the medium term. I am pleased to see that many exhibitors and companies have made use of this year’s bautec as a platform for an exchange of views, and that we were able to hold many stimulating discussions.” 

Thomas Müller, Sales Director Effidur:
“This is now our six or seventh time at bautec, and we intend to be here again in two years time. The last few days have been very successful for us. Housing companies, technical planners and heating installers visited our stand, and they are just the people we had hoped to see. The quality and the number of visitors to the stand were very acceptable. We established many contacts and we shall now be following them up.” 

Manfred Senff, Sales Director, purelivin:
“We come from Vorarlberg and this was our first time at bautec. Berlin is a very good market for us because of the high level of demand for housing and the many housing companies that are keen to use timber in their construction work. So this is the right place for us. We obtained an absolutely positive feedback at all levels. The first projects that we will be implementing in Berlin are already pending. We look forward to coming here again.

Michael Claus, Swiss Krono, Sales:
“I first had to convince my boss that we should attend bautec, because he was initially sceptical. Now we can state that it was a good idea and we are very satisfied. The head of the company actually only intended to be here during the first two days, but he was so pleased with the fair that he stayed a day longer. Many architects and planners came here, and they are our target groups. Unfortunately we are not so well known among the architects, so it was important for us to be able to engage directly in discussions with our target group. And in this respect we were very successful.”

Uwe Pfeiffer, Regional Sales Director Geberit:
“Our experience of bautec 2020 was good and we are very satisfied. Increasingly this trade fair is becoming a focus for networking and communication for its trade visitors.” 

Thomas Herrschelmann, Press Spokesman, Policy Coordinator, Fachgemeinschaft Bau (Technical Building Association) Berlin und Brandenburg e.V.:
“The bautec is a meeting place for the construction industry from the region surrounding the capital city. For us as an organisation representing small and medium-sized enterprises this is an important event every two years, and one that we are also associated with through the Berlin instructional builders’ yard at the Careers Centre bautec. It is important for us to show that small and medium-sized building enterprises occupy an important stand in Berlin.”

Jörg Paschedag, General Manager, Berlin Guild of Painters and Varnishers:
“Things went really well for us at the Careers Centre. The collaboration between the trades is excellent. We know that we are all pulling in the same direction. All of us are engaged in stimulating an interest in the trade on the part of young people. Here they can obtain an overview of the trade, showing just how diverse and multi-faceted it is. We share this driving force.”

Christine Heydrich, General Manager, Social Security Benefits Office of the Berlin Building Trade:
“This was our first experience of the Careers Centre bautec, which this year was based on an interactive construction site. I was very impressed by the instructors, who explained to young people just what the construction industry is. I had opportunities to talk to many entrepreneurs, to become acquainted with many other institutions, and to talk with the representatives from the various craft trades. We will be continuing many of the discussions after the fair. We will be returning to the next Careers Centre bautec.”



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About bautec

The International Trade Fair for Building and Construction Technology is organised by Messe Berlin and takes place every two years. Among bautec’s unique selling points is its comprehensive approach towards buildings, from the basement to the roof, as well as the infrastructure. The programme of bautec is rounded off by GRÜNBAU BERLIN and up#Berlin.