May 08, 2024

Messe Berlin builds community garden for refugees

150 Messe employees design outdoor area at the arrival center for refugees

Around 150 Messe Berlin employees pitched in on April 30 to help build a community garden for the arrival center for refugees. Equipped with a construction plan, drill, cordless screwdriver and circular saw, the exhibition grounds were transformed into an outdoor workshop as part of the Social Day. In beautiful summer weather, the team of volunteers produced more than 70 pieces of outdoor furniture such as benches, stools, bar tables and loungers as well as 24 raised garden beds.

All materials were transported to a 1,000 square meter area in the outdoor area of the arrival center at the former airport in Tegel. Here, a small team from Messe Berlin took over the construction and planting of the beds on May 3. The team was supported by a number of refugees who spontaneously helped with the set-up. The result of the day: over 500 perennials, grasses and useful plants were planted and more than 19 cubic meters of soil and filling material were filled into the raised beds.

The picture shows 150 Messe Berlin employees standing on the lawn wearing blue Messe Berlin T-shirts.
On the "High5 for Berlin" Social Day, 150 employees swapped their office for the pop-up workshop on the exhibition grounds.

Community garden brings more greenery to the arrival center
"We have been contributing our knowledge and expertise in construction, planning and operation since the initial plans for the arrival center in Tegel in spring 2022. It is important to us that the refugees here have a first, safe roof over their heads," says Mario Tobias, CEO of Messe Berlin. "With the Community Garden, we want to enhance the arrival center as part of our social commitment. To this end, we have created a green space that stands out from the concrete-grey airport atmosphere," adds Managing Director Dirk Hoffmann.

The picture shows raised beds and planters at Tegel Airport.
There is also a lot to do when setting up the more than 70 pieces of furniture and raised garden beds: The team fills the beds with 19 m³ of soil and plants around 500 perennials, grasses and useful plants.

Sustainable commitment for Berlin
With the "High5 for Berlin" Social Day, Messe Berlin has set itself the goal of creating added value for Berlin. Once a year, employees are called upon to use their own manpower for a joint social project. Last year, Messe Berlin built five tiny houses for the homeless, which now offer homeless people in Berlin a roof over their heads.

The picture shows a woman at a circular saw being photographed through a pipe.
Swapping the desk for the saw.

Strong partners for a sustainable commitment
Messe Berlin would like to thank its project partners for their support and successful implementation of the Community Garden in Tegel:
 NA+1 Messebau for their support with furniture design, implementation and construction
 Penta Gebäudeservice - filling material and transportation
 Baumschule Lorberg - plants, soil and filling material
 OBI Limburg - wood and building materials
 Plischka Logistik GmbH - Transportation
 Elektrotechnik Uli Lerch - Electrical support
 Environmental service provider Alba - Recycling & disposal

About Messe Berlin

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