February 20, 2024

Messe Berlin acquires entire stake in Mobile Seasons

Expansion of the droidcon Android developer conferences planned

Messe Berlin acquires entire stake in Mobile Seasons GmbH from founder Boris Jebsen and is now the sole shareholder. Messe Berlin would like to thank Boris Jebsen for successfully establishing and positioning the droidcon brand as the leading international conference for android development. After the first droidcon in Berlin in 2009, Boris Jebsen and his team managed to position the brand internationally within a very short time and to place Mobile Seasons GmbH very successfully on the market. In just a few years, the droidcon conferences have developed into a global hub for Android developers. Mobile Seasons has a firm place in the tech community. The aim of Messe Berlin is to successfully drive the further expansion of droidcon into new markets and the development of new products and to create an even more powerful and connected network for Android developers worldwide.

The picture shows a full exhibition hall with many people standing in front of a large screen.
droidcon Berlin will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 3 to 5 July 2024.

Global network for the Android community

Under the droidcon brand, developer conferences focussing on software development for the Android operating system are held at 20 locations worldwide. The Mobile Seasons GmbH team, led by Greg Fawson, organises a total of six droidcon events in Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, London and Bengalore. The remaining events are marketed worldwide as franchises. The next droidcon in Berlin will take place from 3 to 5 July 2024 in the CityCube on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

In addition to the expansion of live events, the portfolio has been continuously expanded to include digital products. Since 2023, the droidcon Academy has been a subscription-based e-learning platform for developers that enables digital, time-independent and flexible learning.

About Messe Berlin

Berlin has been a trade fair venue for over 200 years, and for many decades one of the most important worldwide. As the trade fair company owned by the capital, every year Messe Berlin conceives, markets and organises hundreds of live events. It aims to be an outstanding host for visitors to every event, to give individuals an optimum boost for their business and ensure fair conditions for everyone. This approach is reflected in the company’s slogan ‘Messe Berlin – Hosting the World’.