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Conventions Project Team

Lovatina Weiland
Project Management

Back in 9th grade, I presented a poster of my dream job: "Event Manager." And what can I say? The poster turned into reality. I am living this dream at GuestEvents!

My playground is the large Hall B of the CityCube. It reflects perfectly our everyday life: practical, functional, but with almost endless possibilities. Whether it's a high-profile general meeting, a theater play, a hybrid party convention, flying artists during the ITB opening or rocket raffles - it never gets boring here.

Psst... my two favorite places are located both above and below Hall B. Which ones are they? That will remain my secret for now.

But maybe you'll find out when we make your personal event dream come true together? ??

Lova, wearing our jacket since 2012
Tel.: +49 (0)30 3038-3206