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Vivi Noraman

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Vivi Noraman
Project Management

I have been with Messe Berlin since 2013, where I gained my first experience as a project manager at the International Green Week and the ILA.

Nevertheless, I was so enthusiastic about the field of "HR development" that it wasn't until 2022 that I rediscovered my "old love" for projects at Guest Events. Speaking of old: The bar of the listed building "Palais am Funkturm", with its charming style, a retractable staircase and a height-adjustable chandelier brings the 50s and 60s back to life, with curved shapes and stylish interiors.

This design icon also fascinated the band Ramstein, who produced most of their video "RADIO" in the Palais. 100 million views can't be wrong!

Vivi, wearing our jacket since 2022.
Tel.: +49 (0)30 3038-2181