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Sabine Albertshofer

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Sabine Albertshofer
Project Management

I have been with Messe Berlin since the beginning of the new millennium and have worked for Guest Events as a project manager ever since. My first major event, which I helped to manage and which was a particularly formative experience for me, was the first German Ecumenical Church Convention “Kirchentag” in 2003, with over 200,000 visitors.

In 2017, I was involved once again, when it came to organizing the two major events, the "Protestant Church Congress" and the "German Gymnastics Festival" back-to-back. For this experience, the entire project team was located in the Grosser Stern for several weeks, in VIP rooms 1 and 2.

Sabine, wearing our jacket since 2000.
Tel.: +49 (0)30 3038-2187