Messe Berlin
Anna Löhr-Freund

Trade Shows Project Team

Anna Löhr-Freund
Head of Project Management
Trade Shows and Conventions

I'm as old as the CityCube Berlin - well, not quite. But I started at Messe Berlin in 2014, the year the CityCube opened. Not only that, but I also work directly in the CityCube Berlin, with a beautiful view over the Grunewald and Teufelsberg.

To experience it, every day on my way to the office I pass the shining glass elements that remind me of the glass mazes at the Christmas markets – and this always puts me in a good mood. But things aren't always so tranquil for us: we have numerous events that represent the entire breadth of the event business.

And it's precisely this diversity that inspires me afresh every day.

Anna, wearing our jacket since 2014.
Tel.: +49 (0)30 3038-3061