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Catherine Partington

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Catherine Partington
International Business

I can hardly believe I’ve been working for the Guest Events team for two decades, now. I started back in the days of the internationally-acclaimed ICC Berlin and experienced the planning and construction stages of both of our new multifunctional venues: first the CityCube and later hub27. And here I am, standing (or balancing) in front of the “hub”. To be honest, this would be the perfect name for pretty much our entire grounds.

The heart, the epicenter, that one place where everything meets and interlinks, where everyone comes together. And why I am I walking this particular line? Who knows … Maybe I’m good at keeping the balance, or staying in line … Or maybe we’re just great at painting straight, white lines, here in Berlin. Come on over and find out for yourself!

Catherine, wearing our jacket since 2003.
Tel.: +49 (0)30 3038-3022