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Birgit Bürger

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Birgit Bürger
Project Management

In the year of German reunification, I was responsible for concerts, shows and later also filming of international blockbusters at the ICC Berlin. A special highlight in 1990 was a legendary concert by "Greatful Dead," who had travelled with their worldwide fan base. The "Deadheads" populated the foyers of the ICC by the thousands. Even days later, the clouds of smoke still hung in the air.

Speaking of smoke! My playground is the west balcony of the CityCube, my new home since the closure of the ICC. Here I could take a little cigarette break every now and then. Fortunately, that's history now! I still like to get some fresh air here, though, and enjoy the view of the former American listening station on Berlin's highest hill, the Teufelsberg.

Birgit, wearing our jacket since 1989.
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