Messe Berlin

Welcome to palais.Berlin. The complex consisting of Halls 18-19-20 is not only an example of highly effective trade fair architecture but also provides plenty of space for putting your event ideas into practice. The imposing entrance to Hall 19, the pantheon, was constructed in 1936 and is one of the few remaining structures from that period. The dimensions alone, with al length of 41.6 m, width of 21.4 m and height of 31.8 m, can only give an approximate idea of how impressive this building really is. It leads directly to the adjoining Halls 18 and 20, and to what is perhaps Berlin`s most delightful ballroom: the Palais am Funkturm.

  • There are two ticket offices, to the right and left of the entrance with places for 5 or 6 ticket sellers.
  • Two permanent, open counters are provided in the Hall 19 vestibule. Additional counters can also be installed.
  • Access to the large cloakroom (505 m² / 2.650 hooks) in the basement is by means of stairs on the left and right hand sides of the foyer.
  • Various side rooms are available in the Hall 19 entrance area. More information can you find here.