Messe Berlin
Georg C. Marshall-Haus
US exhibition pavillon at German industrial trade show Berlin 10/1950, named after fromer US Foreign Minister, General Georg C. Marshall
BuilderHICOG (High Commissioner for Germany)
ArchitectBruno Grimmek, Director at Senator of Building and Housing
Start of planning18 June 1950
Laying of the foundation stone26 July 1950
Completion30. Sep 50
Opening01 October 1950
Monument conservationsince 1988
Decision on revitalisationOkt 07
Gutting/construction work04.08.2008
Official reopening13 October 2008
Hall607 m²
Clearance height / max. construction height7.95 m / 6.45m
Clearance height below the gallery / max. construction height3.37 m / 2.90m
media connections are availablex
Cinema auditorium165.73 m²
Clearance height / max. construction height4.28m / 3.50 m
media connections are availablex
Terrace85 m²
Balcony84 m²
Gallery452 m²
Clearance height / max. construction height4.20m / 3.70 m
Elevated gallery247.64 m²
Clearance height / max. construction height3.57 m / 3.10 m

The Marshall-Haus occupies a central location on the Exhibition Grounds, providing quick and easy access to surrounding halls. A range of other interesting uses are provided by the adjoining Summer Garden and the nearby Press Centre in Hall 6.3.

An elevator is available to enable disabled people to gain access to the top floor.

Limited parking is available immediately next to the Marshall-Haus.