IFA remains at Messe Berlin as new chapter begins

gfu and Clarion Events reach agreement with Messe Berlin for IFA to remain at the Berlin exhibition grounds

The three parties have reached an agreement: the world's most important trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances will remain at the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin GmbH. The event now will be the responsibility of IFA Management GmbH – a new joint venture founded by gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH together with Clarion Events Ltd, one of the world’s leading independent event organizers.

Dr. Sara Warneke, Managing Director of gfu: "I am delighted that IFA is staying in Berlin. Messe Berlin's expertise in staging a show of this size and the potential offered by the new IFA Management GmbH will be crucial in maintaining IFA's success in the years to come."

Under the new partnership, IFA plans to build on its success by expanding its digital offering and the IFA Next brand to add more startups and innovative products to the event. The new partnership will invest in features, new experiences, and entertainment to generate more value and excitement for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

Lisa Hannant, CEO of Clarion Events: “We are extremely excited to be entering into this partnership and are fully committed to ensuring its ongoing success. Clarion’s partnership with IFA, the gfu, and Messe Berlin comes at the perfect moment in IFA’s story. This new joint venture brings with it investment to deliver new features, more inspiration, and new engagement that will bring more business to the city of Berlin and more business to our customers.”

Clarion is investing heavily in the management of IFA and its team to create a new dynamic, forward thinking and digital culture. Industry leader Oliver Merlin, who has many years experience managing large-scale events, joins to lead the IFA team and establish a new office in Berlin and help spearhead new initiatives. Simon Kimble, Ex-Chairman and Clarion non-executive director, Chris Gallon Managing Director of Clarion EMEA also join the JV’s management board, bringing years of experience, to work with the gfu and its key customers to help the event, both in its live and digital formats, achieve its full potential.

Martin Ecknig, CEO Messe Berlin GmbH: “IFA has its origins in Berlin, where it was first held as the Funkausstellung in 1924. Therefore, we are very pleased, that IFA stays here for another ten years. As one of Berlin’s leading trade fairs, IFA provides an important economic impetus for Berlin in its role as a trade fair venue, both at national and international level. On the basis of the newly established partnership IFA Berlin can look forward to continued success in the future.”

This September, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, IFA made a full scale come back. Over 161,000 attendees visited the event over five days. Such was the success of the show, the proportion of trade visitors grew against the 2019 event, and over half of the events floor plan has already been reserved for next year’s show.

The following persons can be seen signing the contract (from left to right): Martin Ecknig,  Stephan Schwarz, Dr. Sara Warneke, Franziska Giffey, Lisa Hannant
Signing of the contract: Martin Ecknig, CEO Messe Berlin GmbH, Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Economy, Energy and Enterprise, Dr. Sara Warneke, Managing Director of gfu,Franziska Giffey, Governing Mayor of Berlin, Lisa Hannant, CEO of Clarion Events (f.l.t.r )

About gfu
gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH is the trademark owner of IFA. The leading global companies in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry are shareholders and/or partners. gfu’s goal is to provide information about trends and innovations in these industries as well as organizing trade shows and events. www.gfu.de/en

About Clarion Events
Clarion Events operates over 100 events in 20 countries around the globe. Clarion has an international portfolio of leading brands covering energy, security and defense, electronics, technology, fashion, retail, gaming and marketing. Clarion’s vision is to be the leading partner and enabler, connecting people, communities and opportunities in every sector its serves. Clarion’s customer centric focus delivers highly marketing campaigns, connections, networking, learning, and information solutions live and online, that serve as platforms to build businesses, enhance customer relationships, and accelerate product awareness. Find out more at www.clarionevents.com.

About Messe Berlin
Berlin has been a trade fair venue for 200 years, and for many decades one of the most important worldwide. As the trade fair company owned by the capital, Messe Berlin has a decisive contribution to make. Every year, it conceives, markets and organises hundreds of live events. Its wide-ranging portfolio includes InnoTrans, ITB, FRUIT LOGISTICA and the International Green Week, all of them leading global trade fairs, as well as major conferences and outstanding events such as the fan zone at the Brandenburg Gate. Messe Berlin has around 90 foreign representatives who market events in over 170 countries. Each year some 25,000 members of the media from all parts of the world obtain accreditation for events on the exhibition grounds in Berlin where the company has its headquarters. Its aim is to be an outstanding host for visitors to every event at Messe Berlin, to give individuals an optimum boost for their business and to ensure fair conditions for everyone. This approach is reflected in the company’s slogan ‘Messe Berlin – Hosting the World’. www.messe-berlin.de

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